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 Group Culture

   A variety of business and cultural activities

    Group DAIYIN pay attention to grasp the building of enterprise culture, work closely with the production and operation of enterprises, organized a chorus competitions, literary get-togethers, staff basketball game speech contest, knowledge contests, and a series of colorful activities, by organizing these activities, rich amateur cultural life of the employees, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity, for the work of the enterprise into the strong cultural impetus.


The Group Chairman DAIYIN Zhao Huanchen as National Games torch bearer


To participate in the "Ode to the Motherland, sing Tarzan" song contest Tai'an City, the first industry


Held the "meet DAIYIN concert in Taishan culture Building


Group leaders presented certificates to the enterprise model workers


Held a Spring art party


Chorus competition organized "Ode to the Motherland, sing DAIYIN


Held Qingyuan Dan literary party


The organization enterprise model workers outings travel


Organizing workers basketball game


Speech contest held the "I DAIYIN of growth"


To carry donation donations activities


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