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1987 Tai'an No.2 Textile project planning, production of 88 years, early plant size of 30000 spindles.

1994: 500 broad loom weaving workshop production project, i.e., the output value of " double billions of dollars of sales revenue ".

1994 enterprises for the restructuring of Tai'an D & Y textile Limited by Share Ltd.

1995: 15000 spinning project, namely textile workshop production.

1996.02: the new 2000 air spinning project, won the " Tai'an ten textile pillar enterprises ", " the benefit of the best enterprise", " Shandong Province Textile System Civilization " construction unit.

1997.05: the enterprise CIS system, officially inaugurated as Tai'an daiyin textile Limited by Share Ltd

1997.07: lease Tai'an third cotton textile factory, the factory 30000 spindles, third workshop.

1997.11 : the introduction of French Renault brand, new projects Reynolds clothing production workshop.

1998.04: Lease garment factory in Tai'an City, the size of 1800 people, with an annual output of 2000000 sets of clothing. The establishment of Tai'an Renault Garment Co., ltd..

1998.08: the enterprise name: Shandong daiyin Textile Group Limited by Share Ltd. External said Shandong daiyin textile garment group.

1998.10: the company passed the ISO9002 international quality standard system certification.

1998.12: Renault trousers won 98 national counterparts clothing exposition silver.

1999.03: Renault trousers won the 99 China International Clothing Fair Gold medal.

2000.04: Shandong daiyin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd was founded.

2000.04: Renault trousers won the " Shandong famous brand" title.

2000.06: the first phase of the project of air spinning project completed and put into production, the establishment of Tai'an daiyin spinning Co., ltd.. 4 288 head of the German Tyts Le, 8 sets of domestic equipment.

2000.09: founded daiyin Lanka clothing Limited company in Sri Lanka Gore Province, is the national 100th home Shandong's first overseas processing enterprises. The project 12 garment processing line, 1000.

2000.11: the company passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification.

The two phase of the project put into operation of 2001.04:Autocoro rotor spinning, 8 Tyts Le 312.

2001.07: Lease Mustang woolen factory was established daiyin gold cashmere textile Co. Ltd., later renamed the daiyin Wool Textile Co., Ltd., the company an annual output of 1500000 meters of wool.

2002.03: the establishment of Reynolds clothing Limited company. 2002.08: Renault was appraised as " famous brand of Shandong province ". 2003.01: Renault suit won the " Shandong province Mianjian products " title.

2002.09: dai-yin group by the Shandong provincial economic and Trade Commission, Shandong Province Bureau of statistics confirm for large enterprises.

2002.10: D & Y building was completed.

2003.05: the reform of property right system of D & Y company in full swing, in December the state-owned shares all withdraw, D & Y company and all shareholders into natural person.

2003.12: the group through the OHSAS18000 international occupation health and safety certification, and through the review of ISO9002 and ISO14001 two standard system.

2004.04: lease Tai'an Jinhua cotton textile factory, the factory 40000 spindles, formation of D & Y P. Cotton Textile Co., Ltd., 3 months after the turnaround.

2004.08: American trading Co, Canada Commercial Corporation has set up D & Y D & y.

2004.06: the establishment of the Tai'an jinkate ( cowboy ) Weaving Co. Ltd, 46 Belgian Bi Jiale company rapier looms, 05 years in April, reached 96 units, 06 years in February, to 120 units. With an annual output of 10 million meters of denim.

2005.06: old weaving workshop demolition, quit the stage of history, the new 15000 spindles workshop resettlement workers.

2005.09: D & Y textile company merger daiyin spinning company, equity expansion to 43250000 yuan.

2005.12: the group through the national cleaner production certification.

2006.03: D & Y Industrial Park project started. The project planning acres of land, 200000 combed, garment processing base.

In 2007, the establishment of D & Y American trading Co, achieve the independent brand of foreign direct.

In 2009, investment built a domestic first-class level of high-grade suits sample production workshop, with an annual output of 1200000 sets of high-grade suit.

In 2010, investment built a domestic first-class level of cowboy clothing sample production workshop, with an annual output of 1000000 sets of cowboy clothing.

In 2011, the group has formed 300000 spindles, 30000000 meters of cloth, woolen cloth 3000000 meters, garment production capacity of 8000000.

In 2012, D & Y group Reynolds clothing company successfully passed the National Quality Inspection Administration organized the " national export inspection exemption " on-site review.

In 2012, the invention patent " a twist of slub yarn production method " won the fourteenth China Patent Gold Award, the patent award award of the national patent is only twenty, Shandong Province, only this one.

In 2012, investment built Xinyu company two special yarn project, fully automatic spinning equipment to add 30000 spindles with world-class level, mainly the production of new fiber blended yarn, high-grade special yarn products.

In 2012, annual export 148000000 U. S. dollars, ranking the first in the city.

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