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 Brand Introduction
    In the development process, DAIYIN Group based on its own strengths, continue to increase investment in brand building efforts to grasp the connotation of the brand, enhance the brand image, through the implementation of the science of brand strategy to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the Group's"DAIYIN "," Renoir "two of brand recognition, market share is rising. At present, the the "DAIYIN", "RENOIR" trademark "Shandong Famous Brand" title, the DAIYIN "brand cotton yarn, denim, woolen three products have received the title of" Shandong Province Famous Brand "," RENOIR "the costumes obtained a "brand-name products in Shandong Province, Shandong Province, focusing on cultivating and development of export brand", "China Famous Brand", "China international Clothing & Accessories Fair Gold Medal", "China's most influential business and leisure brand", "National Inspection product "awards.
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