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 Talent Strategy

1.the implementation of talent strategy.
  According to the company's future development needs, a careful analysis of the corporate structure of talents, to develop a comprehensive system of personnel training program. One hand, should pay attention to the cultivation of existing talent, innovation and people Training mode to enhance the training and education efforts, to select potential enterprise loyal to focus on training, the ability to improve business and technical level, the deployment and effective use of existing Of human resources. On the other hand, on the basis of existing talent to good use of corporate, provide a good environment and treatment, and increase enterprise efforts to bring all kinds of talents required to formulate appropriate person Before the introduction of policy measures and specific measures for implementation, strengthen enterprises and universities, research institutes talent docking and cooperation culture, through a planned, organized implementation of talent introduction and training workers Process, to fight for three years, four personnel establish a management, marketing, foreign trade, technology, culture has created a number adapt to the development of enterprises, the excellent quality of the new talent, into Step to enhance innovation capability, bigger and the trade and Annexation provide solid protection.

2.Strengthen the staff team building.
  To cultivate high-quality, stable workforce as an important task to do career planning for employees to upgrade themselves, and the growth and development of the platform, strengthen Kong Bit skills training, and efforts to improve the the staff operating technical level. Enterprise recruit employees more than 80, 90 after the status quo, to strengthen humane management by taking to promote the respect of personality Weight, reduce labor intensity and improve the working and living environment, and other measures, so that employees feel respected, comfortable, comfortable working in enterprises, enhance their sense of belonging and stability, the smooth realization Echelon labor transfer. Enterprise development, and increase efficiency at the same time, increasing the wages of employees, so that the fruits of development more feedback on the employees, so that employees get more benefits Enhance the cohesion and solidarity.

3.continue to reform and improve the incentive mechanism.
  Enterprises to increase efficiency at the same time, maintain a 10-15% increase in annual wage income. Increase to factors efforts take the target performance appraisal, equity incentive Reform Unit Copies of bonus structure, inspire managers at all levels and all kinds of talents, the backbone of the enthusiasm and creativity. Innovative employee incentive mechanisms to improve the treatment, and in politics, promoted the use, build Officer venture platform, will be awarded in the economy, increase revenue, and to mobilize the majority of the staff  is constantly learning, pioneering spirit, the Director-General entrepreneurial enthusiasm and initiative.

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